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Tom moved to Orlando from the Netherlands in 2021, bringing with him a fresh and unique perspective on the city. Settling in one of Orlando’s oldest homes in the heart of Delaney Park, his adventure in discovering the diverse neighborhoods of Orlando has been nothing short of exciting. This journey has allowed him to appreciate the city’s rich heritage and deeply understand what makes a house feel like a home.

Raised in a big family with four elder brothers in the Netherlands, Tom’s early years were steeped in the Equestrian world. Following in his parents’ footsteps, he embraced the sport and excelled in it, winning countless championships. These experiences taught him invaluable lessons in hard work, dedication, great preparation, and the importance of teamwork – qualities that have seamlessly translated into his professional career. Before moving to the United States, Tom worked as a Vet tech and Horse trainer, nurturing his innate connection with animals and nature. His passion, he often says, finds its truest expression on the back of a horse.

Tom’s academic background in psychology further complements his professional skill set. With a keen interest in understanding what drives people, he is always eager to learn about their needs, aspirations, and what they value the most in a home. This insight, coupled with his experience as a project manager at an interpretation and translation company, showcases his ability to manage complex projects and work with diverse individuals. That is where Tom has honed his communication skills, ensuring clarity and understanding, which are pivotal in the real estate world.

Beyond his professional life, Tom is a passionate traveler, having visited over 30 countries. His travels have enriched his appreciation for diverse cultures and their unique sense of home, further fueling his passion for real estate. At home, his life is enriched by the companionship of two dogs, an Afghan Hound and a Pug, who add joy and gezelligheid to his everyday life.

Gezelligheid, a Dutch concept encapsulating coziness, familiarity, and warmth, is at the heart of Tom’s philosophy: the essence of comfort and belonging that Tom strives to find for each of his clients in their search for the perfect home. His approach to real estate is not just about transactions; it is about creating spaces where people can truly feel at home, surrounded by a sense of gezelligheid.

Whether you’re buying or selling, Tom’s unique blend of cultural insight, professional experience, and personal dedication makes him an ideal partner in your real estate journey. Let Tom help you find a place where you can experience the true sense of home, right here in Orlando!




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