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Chrissy Gabriele

Property Manager

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Chrissy Gabriele moved to Orlando over 25 years ago from Los Angeles, CA. Prior to becoming a licensed REALTOR, she worked as an Executive Assistant to a high powered, top producing REALTOR specializing in high-end downtown Orlando condos and learned “the ropes” in a very hands-on environment.  Chrissy is very well-rounded and works with buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants and investors. She loves to get to know her clients and work with them on a personal level creating a strong relationship by listening and showing her clients that she cares about their dreams and goals. Chrissy has built a strong client base with her understanding of the local market. As a listing agent, she is able to market and negotiate for a quick, top dollar sale. Her experience has brought her great success selling into the million-dollar price point in Orlando’s finest condos and neighborhoods.  A believer in continuing knowledge and education, Chrissy is constantly attending workshops for community development, marketing, and sales knowledge.

Chrissy’s top three things are family, friends, and the community. She loves meeting someone new or discovering a new area with interesting architecture, style and flavor and sharing that knowledge with her base!




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